These little guys were so much fun to make.  They’re made of felt, stuffed, and meant to be used as Christmas tree decorations, but it would be tempting to hang one almost anywhere just to bring a smile to your face whenever you see it.

sloth_lrg  bookmark

The colorful rectangles are fabric bookmarks with folded ribbon tabs. They’re interfaced with fusible fleece, so they feel like miniature quilts!  Both projects will be for sale at the Solana Beach Historical Society’s Holiday Boutique in November 2017.


This is my take on Rick Roberts’ Kitchen Table video demonstrating how to weave Diva Dance through Paradox.  I tried to add Betweed, but it didn’t want to “weave” with Diva Dance like Paradox does.  I was going to color the blobs in Diva Dance red for Valentine’s Day, but since it already looked as if an aorta and vena cava were entering and leaving a heart, I decided black blobs with hot pink accents might look less anatomical.


For Christmas 2016 I gave Sach books, a book gift certificate, and a tangled bookmark with her name on one side and a variation of the tangle pattern Ponio on the other side. The tangle patterns I used for her name are S=Strircles, A=Afterglo, C=Cayla, H=Huggins.

sachfront   sachback

These cards were created for the Solana Beach Historical Society Holiday Boutique held on November 12, 2016. I grouped them below into grid designs, whimsy bouquets, Aquafleur variations, and Showgirl variations.

Grid Designs:
merryweatherhicfinalbcropped    merryweatherhicfinalacropped

Whimsy Bouquets:
whimsybouquetfinalcropped  whimsybouquetfinal2cropped  whimsybouquetfinal1cropped

Aquafleur Variations:
aquafleurfinalblackcropped  aquafleurfinal2bcropped  aquafleurfinal2acropped  aquafleurfinal1bcropped  aquafleurfinal1acropped

Showgirl Variations:
showgirlfinalcropped    showgirlfinal2cropped  showgirlfinal1cropped

Wedding Card for Shana and Trevor

Wedding Card for Shana and Trevor

I filled a heart with multiple tangle patterns to create a wedding card. Found that I had to choose very simple patterns with a lot of white space or the heart looked way too busy and dark, especially at the center. Garlic Cloves along the top left edge is the only “dark” pattern because the pointy corner of the space had white areas on either side of it. Hope the bride and groom get a kick out of this card. The heart ended up closer to the top edge when I folded it in half to form a card, so I wove a bit of ribbon into the bottom edge. Oh well . . . c’est la vie.

Diana's Birthday Card

Diana’s Birthday Card

I tangled this card for Diana for her 70th birthday. Paper is Canson’s Mix Media XL, 98 lb, 7″ x 10″ that I folded to a 5″ x 7″ card. The pattern is Olb by Helen Williams drawn on a wonky grid with a variety of fill-ins, including Helen’s Leaflet pattern “vein” fill-in. Shading done in ink and pencil.

Diana asked our mutual friend, Lloyd, to mat and frame this card. Below is a photo of the framed card.



A Valentine’s Day card for Gil decorated with Helen Williams’s simple and beautiful zentangle pattern Heart Offset. Inside text: Be Our Valentine with Love from Your Girls — Zoey Karen CiCi.