This organizer bag for zentangle paraphernalia was made for Laurie P. who has been an artist all her life and recently took up tangling. I started with two very different batik fabrics that complemented each other. I was told by Laurie’s sister that her favorite colors are turqoise, orange, and any jewel tone. Well there’s no orange here, but maybe gold would serve as a substitute. I adapted a purse insert pattern named Encore made by StudioKat Designs to accommodate items commonly used for tangling.

The pattern came with directions for interior pen holders. I made the loops a little smaller so that pencils or tortillions could be stored with their tips up to prevent the tips from marking up the bag. The center of the bag is a zippered compartment with a flat pocket on one of the inside walls. Exterior dimensions are approx. 11.5″x5.5″x6″.

Because Pigma Micron pens come in various tip sizes and are supposed to be stored on their sides, I made horizontal pen holders for the outside of the bag. This should facilitate seeing the tip size imprinted in purple on the shaft of each pen, plus it’s easier to insert the pens sideways when the loops are on the outside. The color indicator on each pen is on the opposite end to the tip cover and it, too, is more readily visible with the pens on the exterior.

The interior and exterior pockets have elastic across their top edges so that small items will tend to stay inside. The elastic edges also hold additional pencils or blending stumps upright in the pockets so that you can see where they are immediately. The finished width of the pocket openings is 3.5″ — perfect size to hold zentangle tiles which are 3.5″ by 3.5″. I added small, short handles to the organizer because I envision Laurie taking it to zentangle classes. This organizer fits easily into larger tote bags into which folders, notebooks or larger paper pads can be placed. The little handles will make it easier to lift the organizer in or out without spilling its contents, and the small handles can easily be ignored when not needed.