Sew4Home Makeup Brush Bag

Sew4Home Travel Makeup Brush Bag


Ready to go!

Decided I needed a travel bag to hold makeup brushes. Found a tutorial on the site that was almost perfect. I say “almost” because upon completion I felt the bag needed to be about one inch taller to fully accommodate the longest brush I use. So instead of starting with 9″x18″ fabric rectangles, I recommend 10″x18″ rectangles. I had to buy vinyl-laminated fabric ($14.99/yard), but since I needed just 1/3 yard it only cost $5.00. I used leftover fabrics and batting from other projects, so the total cost to me was just $7.00 ($2.00 for the bias tape, although I could have made my own). Plus, I can make two more bags from the leftover vinyl laminate and one more bag from the leftover bias tape.