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For Christmas 2016 I gave Sach books, a book gift certificate, and a tangled bookmark with her name on one side and a variation of the tangle pattern Ponio on the other side. The tangle patterns I used for her name are S=Strircles, A=Afterglo, C=Cayla, H=Huggins.

sachfront   sachback


These cards were created for the Solana Beach Historical Society Holiday Boutique held on November 12, 2016. I grouped them below into grid designs, whimsy bouquets, Aquafleur variations, and Showgirl variations.

Grid Designs:
merryweatherhicfinalbcropped    merryweatherhicfinalacropped

Whimsy Bouquets:
whimsybouquetfinalcropped  whimsybouquetfinal2cropped  whimsybouquetfinal1cropped

Aquafleur Variations:
aquafleurfinalblackcropped  aquafleurfinal2bcropped  aquafleurfinal2acropped  aquafleurfinal1bcropped  aquafleurfinal1acropped

Showgirl Variations:
showgirlfinalcropped    showgirlfinal2cropped  showgirlfinal1cropped

Colored pencil shading on tangle pattern  Narwal.

Colored pencil shading on tangle pattern Narwal.

This is a card with the tangle pattern Narwal that I tried to shade with Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils. Paper was Canson’s Mix Media 98 lb. Lots of room for improvement here.

Here is a second notecard attempt with Margaret Bremner’s original tangle named Chebucto.


Added calligraphy using Sakura’s new 3 mm Pigma Calligrapher pen.



Notecard with Barbara Finwall’s original tangle named 4 Corners

Al's Birthday Present

This is a ZIA for Alison completed June 2013. If you look closely you can see her initials and even her birthdate.

Click here to view a photo progression of this ZIA